An Amazing Game of the 1990’s Decade – Cadillacs & Dinosours

The name of the game ‘Cadillacs and Dinosaurs’ is still very popular among the Millennials. Even most of the professional gamers of today’s world started their career by playing this game. Like other arcade games, this game also had to play with coins in the game store. For those obsessed with this game during the 1990s and early in the 2000s, will find the different known and unknown aspects in this article.

In 1993, the Japanese game developer company CAPCOM brought this game to the market, based on a comic book series called ‘Xenzoic Tales‘. The birth of this game was also intended to link with the animated series Cadillacs and Dinosaurs, aired in the same year.

As the characters of the game continue to move from the left side of the screen to the right side, it is also called a Side Scrolling Game.

On the other hand, as the heroes beat the enemies up with empty hands and have to face the boss ahead, the game is also included in the Beat ’em up genre. Although the gamer can use different weapons like the torch, knife, stone, firearms like Bazooka, Shotgun, pistol and throwing weapon like grenades, dynamite, stones, etc. In addition to that, the gamer can also have the opportunity to drive cars in particular stages.

Game Cover

The story of the game started from 500 years after the twentieth century. The basic theme of the story surrounding the legendary city ‘The City in the Sea’ and the surrounding jungle. A gang named ‘Black Marketer’ has been hunting for arbitrary dinosaurs. The dinosaurs are being used for any genetic engineering project. Dinosaurs have become violent because of the black marketers attack. They are attacking people from different villages near the forest. The name of the game’s heroes to control the situation. The gamers have to play the role of heroes. There are four characters in the game as heroes. Of them, three men, one woman Each hero has its own strength, capabilities, and weaknesses.

Heroes Identity

The game has four heroes. They are:

1.Jack Tenrec (Balanced type)

Although he is a mechanic by profession, he has a big rapport with nature. His all love is dedicated to nature so to say. His favorite car is Cadillac. Jack’s sliding kick is quite strong. When it comes to fighting skill, Jack can be called a balanced hero.

2. Hannah Dundee (Skilled type)

The only female character in the game. Despite being a cold-headed scientist, Hannah has an amazing athletic body and can fight like men. He has special skills in the use of different weapons and tri-jumping.

3.Mustapha Cairo (Speed type)

Mustapha is an engineer but he has a lot of sense of humor. He moves pretty fast and so the enemies find it very hard to defeat him. During the combat, he does perform some mind-blowing and effective gestures.

4.Mess O’Bradovich (Power type)

Mess O’Bradovich is very muscular and looks like a giant. He is the most powerful of all other heroes. From humans to huge dinosaurs, he can manhandle and throw almost everyone down.

Game Play

The game has multiplayer game functionalities and is playable with three gamers together. The gamers have to choose any three characters from the given four characters. However, the game can also be played by a single or double-play option.

Game Plot

The game has been arranged with eight stages. The gamer will have to go ahead by crossing the stages after defeating different types of enemies and bosses.

Stage 1:

The gamer has to start playing in a place where a group of bandits sent from the boss Vice Terhune surrounds him/her. The gamer has to go ahead and beat them up. After defeating all the hooligans, the gamer has to confront the first boss, Vice. After getting beaten up ruthlessly from the gamer, the huge boss Vice says that a man named Butcher in the northern forest is hunting for dinosaurs.

Stage 2: 

According to the information, after watching the jungle in the jungle, Butcher sees a dinosaur with his two matches in a ruthless manner. Consequently, the gamer has to go into a fierce battle with Butcher. After a lot of hard work, the gamer manages to defeat the boss.

Stage 3:

Then, in the third stage, the gamer moves to the Desert of Death. The desert is so risky, that the gamer has to proceed by driving a car so as to evade the hazards. The gamer gets the opportunity to control the car. Another big gun, Hog who is the member of Dinosaur Hunting Squad plans to take over the mechanic Jack’s garage. Seeing the gamer (with Jack) going forward, Hogg brings his cruiser bike and starts to attack the gamer’s car by throwing grenades. With the help of different techniques and weapons, the gamer overcomes Hogg.

Stage 4:

Taking this opportunity, the gangsters meanwhile captures Jack’s garage. And Jack can realize that his garage has been taken over by the enemies. So, the gamer and Jack have to recover the garage and they go forward with a car. After clearing out the garage, the gamer confronts with a fast-moving boss, Slice who uses a sharp boomerang to defeat the gamer. After overpowering the fast-moving boss the gamer gets a message from an old villager from the neighboring village that dinosaurs are invading their village behaving abnormally.

Stage: 5

The heroes move to the dinosaur-infested village in response to the old man’s call. The gamer can soon see that someone set the village on fire. Moving further, the gamer also meets the old man who sought help from them. As soon as the old man starts revealing the person behind these outrageous activities, the man is shot dead with an Uzi by Morgan, another boss. After getting beaten severely by the gamer, Morgan talks about the power of the doctor and transforms himself with a dinosaur-like creature, Morgue. Going ahead further, they come to know that some doctors are researching to develop new lifeforms.

Stage: 6

Going a step further, the gamer reaches a coal mine in another jungle. Next up, the gamer has to defeat a stomping dinosaur together with a number of gangsters carrying a metal box. The metal box eventually breaks apart and after that, a strange creature, having tentacles, named Tyrog comes out of it. Tyrog cleverly attaches itself to a human body from one of the gangsters until it transforms itself into a dinosaur-human hybrid creature. After being beaten black and blue by the gamer Tyrog detaches itself from the human body as the gangster dies. Interestingly, Tyrog repeats the same process by possessing another human body from the gangster, though it dies due to the assault of the gamer or heroes.

Stage: 7

Proceeding ahead, the gamer can realize that Dr. Simon Fessenden is the mastermind behind all these flagrant activities. The gamer can also mark the place of the doctor while fighting with Tyrog. Then the gamer gets to toward the underground place in “The City in The Sea”.

At this stage, the gamer goes through a basement including a library and a computer lab. Later on, the gamer gets interrupted by a creature, Slisaurs (a hybrid of slice and dinosaurs). After defeating the Slisaurs’ futile endeavor, the gamer goes deeper down the basement and finally discovers a bio-lab with peculiar organisms in different jars containing dinosaurs and different hybrid creatures.

Going ahead, the gamer finds a cave that eventually guides the gamer to Dr. Fessenden’s lab. As soon as he sees the team than he transforms himself into a dinosaur-like creature. The gamer beats him up. By this time, he again transforms himself into a three-headed fatal creature as the chemical reaction in his body reaches its peak. However, the gamer finally manages to defeat him.

Stage: 8 (Auto)

After being defeated by the gamer, the doctor starts to destroy the laboratory with explosives. Deciphering the imminent danger the gamer along with the other hero-characters run for with a view to saving their lives. While running Hannah falls down on the ground due to the extreme explosions. The male character, Jack comes forward to save her life.

Only can Mustapha and Mess can come out of the exploding lab. While walking for home, Mustapha and Mess were thinking of their friends, Hannah and Jack. Surprisingly, Hannah and Jack come back to them driving a car later on.


This game has only a resolution of 384×224 which is ridiculous compared to the recent desktop or gaming consoles’ high definition graphics quality. But those who spent their pastimes playing this game in the 1990’s decade will always keep an especial place on their mind for this video game. To be honest, I still play this game on my android device and on my notebook from time to time to go back to my nostalgic adolescence.

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