Best Bluetooth Speakers You Can Buy under $90 in 2018

Gone are the days when you could only listen to music with speakers at home. With the advent of a number of advanced technologies, it has been possible to transform a big speaker into a smaller one while keeping the sound performance all but intact. Most importantly, being lighter in weight and having wireless connectivities, these small Bluetooth speakers have made it convenient for us to take them anywhere on the go.

Although to serve our purpose, there are hundreds of Bluetooth speakers available out there in the market. Interestingly, only a few of them are capable of saving your bank and give you the best bang for the buck experience.

In this article, not only will I be walking you through the list of the best Bluetooth speakers under $100 but will be showing the reasons why you should choose them. Now, let’s dive in:

Top 5 best sounding Bluetooth speakers under $90

Based on my real-life experience and online binaural audio recordings, I have found these five speakers to be the best sounding speakers and at the same time value for money to date. All these speakers ship with at least 1 year of international warranties.

#1 The Bass Beast: Doss Soundbox XL 32 Watt Speaker

This speaker suits best for the audiophiles on a budget. Though it lacks some of the modern functionalities like NFC connectivity, waterproofing, it has some other factors that balance the equation.

First off, it has a dedicated 12-watt subwoofer accompanied by two passive radiators which creates bass as low as 50 Hertz. However, a YouTuber chap confirms that the speaker can, in fact, go as deep as up to 35 Hertz which is insane compared to its compact size. For some people, the bass is the real deal when it comes to portable speakers and this speaker comes to the rescue with the earth-shattering and resonant rumbling even at lower volume.

It has two pairs of satellites (Each is 10 watts) which are ready to tackle the mid and high range sounds. This trio (2.1) channel performance will not compromise the quality of sounds even if you are playing at the highest volume.

It has an integrated Trans Flash (TF) card adapter which will pave you the way not to exhaust your smartphone’s battery.

The speaker has a bunch of sound controllers which are really tactile to press.

Unlike the other portable Bluetooth speakers, you can not charge your smartphone with it. Although it has only a 2200 MAH battery capacity you can get 7 hours of playback time at a stretch.

This is a book-shelf type speaker which is more convenient to use at home than to use outside as it is a bit large. However, the larger is the size the better it becomes to create the stereo widening feature.

And if you place it at the corner of your room it will create an illusion of a big speaker having punchy, crisp, deep and resonant bass. With that said, the bass is not overpowering but blends perfectly with the highs and mids.

To be honest, this is the best value for money speaker compared to any other speaker in this price range.


  • You can not charge your smartphone by it.
  • No waterproof.
  • No NFC.

#2 The Loud Chap: Douni (A5) 25W Speaker

If you are looking for a speaker that can give off louder sound with punchy bass then this speaker is ready to gratify you.

This speaker has a pair of two huge drivers – each is 58 mm which are the biggest in its class. What’s more! Each of them is a 12.5-watt driver with two passive radiators (25 watts in total) which delivers very rich and room-filling sound quality.

Nearly all the Bluetooth speakers will provide you with the Aux-in connectivity but very few Bluetooth speakers provide the Aux-out port connectivity. And the Douni A5 Bluetooth speaker just does that which undoubtedly makes this speaker stand out from the crowd. You can turn your large PC speaker into a Bluetooth speaker by annexing it with the Aux out port of this Douni A5 Bluetooth speaker.

The speaker has an NFC connection which makes the pairing fast with your phone and the Bluetooth range has an amazing 66 feet diameter coverage.

The speaker has a built-in HD Microphone for a hands-free call and Siri functionality. The coolest part is that it has a thermal sensor located at the top which can detect your hand position and thus lighten up its button in a dark or dim light condition.

It has a massive 6600 mah battery that will serve you as a power bank and it ensures 12 hours of play time. That’s not the end, this device will automatically turn itself off for a 40-minute-inactivity which is great to save power.


  • You will hear a slight distortion at full volume. Though you will not need to turn the volume up above 90% because the speaker is very loud.
  • Lacks waterproofing.
  • No USB charging but the included adapter charges the speaker faster than the normal USB adapters.


#3 The Ambidextrous Artist: Anker Soundcore Pro+ Speaker

If you are on the lookout to have all the nitty gritty along with the state-of-the-art technologies then the Anker Soundcore Pro will be a perfect choice for you.

That’s because it has two subwoofers (each is10 watt) which not only can produce the bass but can also generate tight mids. What’s more is that it has two dedicated tweeters which are ready to give off crispy highs with amazing stereo effect.

Moving forward, this speaker will never let you down when it comes to connectivity options. It has NFC, Bluetooth with 66 feet coverage. Surprisingly, the speaker packs an inbuilt microphone to answer your phone call or change music without touching the device.

The best part is, it comes off a big 7000 Mah battery which is undoubtedly the largest in this price category. Which means, you won’t have to worry about feeding your smartphone on the fly at the outdoor.

Fortunately, this speaker is water resistant and so you can take it to the rain or put it close to the pool or bathtub without getting plagued of any water spills. However, you can not completely submerge it under water.


  • Water resistant but not completely waterproof.

# 4 The Compact Buddy: JBL Flip 4 Waterproof Speaker

If you are a scuba diving freak person then this is the right one for you. It’s IPX7 waterproof and thus you can completely submerge it under shallow water.

It provides crystal clear sound but lacks the thick and deep bass that you can get from the others of this article.

Besides being completely waterproof, it has all the bells and whistles that you can expect. It is very loud relative to its compact size. It has only two drivers and each of the drivers which can create decent sound quality for its size. Besides, the two JBL passive bass radiators are there to enhance the rumble.

Interesting, you can enhance its performance through the JBL connectivity which will allow you to play music connecting to as many as 100 JBL flip 4 speakers. Therefore, no more worrying about the loudness if your friends own JBL Flip 4 too.


  • For its size the bass is ok but you will not get the bass as heavy as the Doss Soundbox XL or the Anker Soundcore Pro+ or the Douni A5.
  • You can not charge your Smartphone.

Over to you

The speakers I mentioned here may lack aesthetics but are value for money, I believe.

The folks who do not want to compromise with the sound clarity and bass but ready to sacrifice the other kinds of stuff should flat out go for the Doss Soundbox XL.

If you want the loudest sound with deep, heavy and resonant bass and can withstand a slight distortion at the maximum volume then you can pick the Douni A5.

For the persons who are looking for almost everything in a single package can surely go for the Anker Soundcore Pro+.

Finally, If you are ready to sacrifice a little bit bass but want a quality speaker with full waterproof functionality then the JBL Flip 4 will give you a boost.

To wrap up, if you do think there are far better speakers under $90 then don’t hesitate to mention that in the comment section below.

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