Joyned – a travel tech startup

This travel tech startup helps users collaboratively discuss and plan trips with the help of its booking website.

Joyned – a travel tech startup – secured $8 million in Series A funding round. Which was led by Reach Markets, which offers financial, investment, and trading services. 

Besides Reach Markets, Sentor Investments, Velocity Ventures, and Lucerne Investment Partners were investors. 

Joyned focuses on helping users book trips together online. Specifically, it allows hotels, online travel agencies, and other booking sites to provide group planning and booking on their websites. 

Travel agencies and other booking sites can track their customers’ social engagements and boost conversion rates with Joyned. 

Not only this, but Joyned’s AI-based social revenue platform points out necessary data, such as price perception, sentiment analysis, etc. 

As a result, clients can dig deeper into their customers’ booking journey. 

According to Joyned’s CEO, Jonathan Abraham, “The platform we have developed addresses the travelers’ need to experience the holiday booking process together. 

We are the first to bridge the gap between users’ desire for shared experiences and the possibility of doing so.”

He added, “Together with our partners, we are making a significant difference to the global hospitality industry. Which is expected to roll over $4.6 trillion by the end of the year.”

Jonathan Cocks – partner at Velocity Ventures – admired Joyned’s operating process. He said, “Joyned’s innovative approach to collaborative travel booking experiences and its ability to drive engagement and conversions make it a standout player in the market.”

Jonathan Cocks also added, “This investment will help catalyze Joyned’s expansion efforts and create lasting value for both customers and stakeholders.”

Joyned’s CEO said several commercial arrangements were already in place with leading travel brands. 

Hence, this tech startup plans to utilize $8 million to develop Joyned’s product and expand its presence internationally. 

Also, it will explore new growth opportunities and work on becoming a global growth engine for travel brands.

Image and source credit: Calalistech

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