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Tips That Can Help You Become an Effective and Quick Reader

The writers from around the world have gifted us with a wide variety of books. Some of them are plain text books while the others thrill us. But reading those books quickly and effectively requires a great amount of time for some of us whereas some people finish them swiftly and definitely with effective reading techniques.

Today in this post, I will be guiding you through some of the hacks I personally have found fruitful for becoming a better reader.

Effective reading techniques

Personally, I used to follow these ways though they sound a bit cliche:

  • Not to study lying on a bed because it takes you to the kingdom of drowsiness and eventually to the realm of sleepiness.
  • Try to finish Mathematical problems first. After that, focus on the theoretical part. Based on my observation, I found that mathematical problems require a specific amount of time. On the contrary, I tended to read the theoretical part more and more and most of the time – it felt like theoretical problems had no end.
  • It would be a great idea if you can maintain a routine to evenly distribute time to all the subjects or courses.
  • Use an alarm clock that makes you aware of the proper utilization of time.
  • Switch off your phone along with other distracting devices to get rid of the annoying notifications and messages.
  • Memorize only the points of a topic, not whole text and jot down the points on a notebook so that you can revise them off and on.
  • Test your reading speed and compare the speed to the average readers’ speed. If you were a slow reader it would take more time to complete your lesson. Luckily there are still a number of ways to improve reading speed.
  • When you are facing difficulties to grasp a topic, don’t skimp on taking help from Google or YouTube.
  • When you plan to study a book make sure to check its validity and acceptance by the scholar persons.
  • Choose a topic that you are really interested in studying.
  • Try to maintain an even sleep pattern (sleep and get up at the same time regularly) with a duration of 7 hours. An adequate amount of sleep helps you concentrate on anything including study.
  • If you are reading a novel or such a book never read from the back. Trust me, it will destroy all of your enthusiasm to read the entire book. For example, what if you knew that the hero of the Titanic movie would be dead before watching the movie?
  • Last but not least, do fun after finishing your study to get a break.

Wrapping up

Finally, I would suggest you that you choose a calm and cozy room before you start reading something. If you think that I have missed mentioning something here, you are always welcome to comment below.

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