Who Is the Most Handsome Man in Bangladesh?

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Do you know who is the best looking man in Bangladesh? It’s none but Al Suzaud Dowla, also known as Suza. He started his modelling career back in 2010, but recently he has burst into popularity in the industry.

Who Is the Best Looking Man in Bangladesh?

Though there are a few other handsome men in Modelling and Cinema industry in Bangladesh, Al Suzaud Dowla is arguably the most attractive man in Bangladesh.

Why Al Suzaud Dowla Is Considered to Be the Most Handsome Man in Bangladesh?

Al Suzaud Dowla - Most Handsome Man  in Bangladesh - Best Looking Man in Bangladesh - Most Attractive and Appealing Man in Bangladesh

Al Suzaud Dowla is considered the most handsome man in Bangladesh because of his well-developed jaw-line, attractive skin-tone and natural fitness, he is considered to be the best looking man in Bangladesh.

He has also won the “Online Vote for the Most Appealing man in Bangladesh”. The voters were ladies who cast their vote online for the most appealing and smartest man in Bangladesh.

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