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How to Recover Abandoned Carts in WooCommerce for Free?

Do you know that 69.8% of online customers abandon their carts or baskets without completing the order? Chances are pretty high that you are facing the same scenario for your eCommerce store too! But what if we tell you that you could win back your lost customers and lost revenue using a free tool?

Don’t get me wrong, as it works like a charm! In today’s article, we will not only be showing you the tricks to reduce the WooCommerce cart abandonment rate but also walk you through a free cart abandonment recovery tool. So, let’s grab a cup of tea or coffee and dig deeper. 

What is Cart Abandonment?

Cart abandonment is when a visitor visits your online store, adds a product(s) to their cart, and proceeds to the checkout page but does not complete the order instead bounces off from your store. And we can feel your pain – how abandoned carts are hurting your revenues and hampering the potential exponential growth of your business. 

As we already mentioned above, the average cart abandonment rate is 69.8%. What’s even more alarming news is that the cart abandonment rate is constantly increasing year by year. Here is a fact from Statista:

WooCommerce Cart Abandonment rate statistics
Image title: Online shopping cart abandonment rate worldwide between 2006 to 2020

Why do your visitors abandon their carts?

Now, you might be wondering why visitors abandon their carts, right? Unfortunately, no single catalyst prevents a visitor from completing their order. Here are a few common reasons from Statista:

  • Shipping Costs too much (63%)
  • Discount code doesn’t work (46%)
  • Order takes forever to ship (36%)
  • Have to re-enter credit card info (30%)
  • Have to re-enter shipping info (30%)
WooCommerce Cart Abandonment - Reasons
Image title: Primary reason for digital shoppers in the United States to abandon their carts as of November 2018

However, the Cart Abandonment Reasons include but are not limited to the above points. For instance, your visitor might get distracted by the barking of their dog or by a mobile notification, or anything that makes the visitor forget about completing the order. 

Therefore, if your website has some areas to add tweaks according to the above statistical data, you need to make sure you have optimized your eCommerce website’s sales funnel from your end.

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But whatever the reasons are, I have great news for you – You will still be able to recover your lost sales without reinventing the wheel.

A Brief Intro to “WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Recovery” 

WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Recovery Plugin Landing Page

WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Recovery is a WooCommerce extension that helps you recover your lost customers by convincing them to complete their pending orders with necessary follow-up emails, unique checkout links, and coupons. 

CartFlows Inc., the developer behind this fantastic tool, initially released it on 27th May 2019. Surprisingly, within just 3 years, it nailed a whopping 300,000+ users worldwide and won the heart of its users with more than 4.7 ratings out of 5. As it has a vast user base, you will never feel stranded if any issue arises while using the tool down the line. 

The best part is that you don’t have to create anything from scratch by yourself. Meaning that the developers of the plugin have already attached all the required follow-up email templates for you so that you don’t have to endure the pain. All you have to do is tweak them and start sending them out automatically. That’s it!

Why Use WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Recovery Plugin

“Using the plugin, last month (July, 2019) I could save 7,684 dollars and it took only 5 minutes to set it up.”

– Adam Preiser (Founder, WPCrafter)

The tool has impressive advantages that will allow you to save time and make more money by recovering your lost sales, automating the follow-up emails and coupons, using read-made email templates, and integrating the tool with other marketing automation platforms like Active Campaign, Campaign Monitor, etc. 

Save Time with Ready-Made WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Email Templates

Ready-Made WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Email Templates

Who doesn’t hate to do things from scratch? That’s why the team behind this plugin has included three necessary ready-made WooCommerce Abandoned Cart email templates. For your information, these emails work as the WooCommerce abandoned cart reminder. You can just add a few tweaks to tune in with your needs and start sending it. It’s that easy!

To Send out a Unique Prefilled Checkout Form’s Link

Unique checkout link

The more you make the checkout process friction-free, the higher the chance your visitor will complete an order. With this tool, you will be able to send an email with a unique link to the lost visitor that will take them on a prefilled checkout form. This is really interesting as the visitor won’t have to fill out the entire checkout form again. Hence, the user is highly likely to complete the order. 

Integrate with Other Marketing Automation Tools Effortlessly

Integrate with Other Marketing Automation Tools

Out of the box, the tool comes with an option that lets you add webhooks to connect to other marketing automation tools like Active Campaign or Campaign Monitor. This is a cherry on top, excellent, right?

Generate Coupons & Send Them via Email Automatically

Generate Coupons & Send Them via Email

The tool is apt at generating limited-time unique discount coupons for each user who abandoned their cart. As you can see from the above screenshot, the lost customer who left the cart gets an email with a 10% discount with the coupon “6GLBpRkR”. Again, this customer will be able to click on the link and get a prefilled checkout form. Guess what? The coupon will be automatically applied if you turn this feature on.

Most importantly, you will be able to send these follow-up emails on autopilot mode even if you are asleep. 

Get a Bird’s Eye View from the Report

Bird’s Eye View from the Report

The tool’s dashboard consists of a clean and intuitive report to read. Anyone, even a third-grader, can understand it. The tool generates this report automatically once you activate the plugin and the follow-up emails. The report includes:

  • Recoverable Orders & Recoverable Revenue
  • Recovered Orders & Recovered Revenue
  • Lost Orders & Recovery Rate

Plus, you can also export the orders in .csv file format.

Make the Entire Cart Abandonment Campaign GDPR Compliant

Make the Entire Cart Abandonment Campaign GDPR Compliant

If you are operating your online business in EU-based countries, you must make your website GDPR-compliant. Luckily enough, this plugin also ships with this feature. It will take permission before taking any data from the customers.

How to Gain Lost Deals Using WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Recovery in Just 2 Steps

The installation process is straightforward and similar to installing the other WordPress plugins. Before moving any further, make sure you have a working WooCommerce website. Next up, follow these steps:

Step 1: Installing WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Recovery

Firstly, navigate to the WP Admin Dashboard > Plugins > Add New. Now, search for the keyword “WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Recovery”. You will find it at the top of the search result page. Make sure you have selected the one from CartFlows Inc. Now hit the “Install Now” button. 

Installing WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Recovery

Finally, activate the plugin to take effect. 

activating the plugin

Bam! You are done with the installation. 

Step 2: Activate the Follow-up Email Templates

Upon installing the tool, you will see a new submenu item called “Cart Abandonment” under the WooCommerce parent menu. Then select the “Follow-Up Emails” tab. Finally, activate the templates using the toggle button. 

Congratulations! You are done turning on the autopilot mode in an attempt to regain your lost revenues. 

Activate the Follow-up Email Templates

However, depending upon your preferences, you may have to tailor the email templates to your needs. To modify the email templates, go to the WP Admin Dashboard > WooCommerce > Cart Abandonment > Follow-up Emails > Hover your mouse cursor above the template you want to modify > Click on ‘Edit’ > Modify fields > Update Changes.

Editing Email Templates in WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Recovery

But that’s not the end! You can create and automate as many custom email templates as you want.

Bonus Tips (Personalizing Basic Settings) 

I am not just saying that you have complete control over this plugin – In fact, “The proof is in the pudding.”. So, let’s check it out in the following video. Having said that, not only can you customize the email templates but also customize the basic settings.


  1. Does WooCommerce cart abandonment recovery come free of cost?

    – Definitely! You can download this plugin either from the WordPress plugin repository or from the CartFlows website for free!

  2. Does the WooCommerce cart abandonment recovery tool have a pro version?

    – No. It’s completely free!

  3. How many users can I send the follow-up emails to using the WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Recovery plugin?

    – To as many users as you want.

  4. Will this WooCommerce cart abandonment recovery plugin generate unique coupons for each user who abandoned the cart?

    – Yes, it will generate not only unique coupon codes for the lost users but also a unique link to a prefilled checkout page.

  5. How many email templates does this WooCommerce cart recovery solution ship out of the box?

    – Out of the box, the tool ships with only 3 follow-up emails that are good enough to convince your lost customers. However, if you feel like sending more follow-up emails, feel free to create as many as you want.

  6. Will the cart abandonment recovery tool send recovery order mail to the admin?

    – Yes, the plugin can send recovery order mail to the admin.

Over to You

We know how bad it feels when the customers seep through the cracks. Using this free yet powerful tool, thousands of customers have fixed their sales funnel friction, regained the lost customers, and won back the lost revenues like a pro. If you’re someone who’s constantly pondering over and scratching the scalp to find a quick and permanent fix, this tool has got you covered. We can guarantee that this tool will help you reduce the WooCommerce cart abandonment rate and keep all of your worries at bay.

So, what are you waiting for? Give a shot at this free tool and start earning more! If you are stuck with any steps, don’t hesitate to drop us a line. Surely, someone from my team will get back to you with a helping hand.

Are you already using this tool? If so, don’t forget to let us know your experience in the comment section below.

We wish you the best of luck!

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